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2018 Merzouga Rally

Benavides wins the second stage from Quintanilla, Barreda leads overall after two stages of the 2018 Merzouga Rally. 


Argentinean Kevin Benevides was the fastest rider in the Merzouga Rally at the end of stage two. After winning the prologue, Benevides had an error-free second stage to move into second place overall, behind team-mate Joan Barreda. 

“I felt very good today, I went out to attack." Said Benevides after the stage. "I saw the riders in front and over the final kilometres of dunes I wanted to attack but something made me think about not forcing and not risking to finish the stage safe.”

The short 175.3km timed special of stage two of the Merzouga Rally saw riders head into the desert east of the small town of Merzouga. The route was made up of two loops, separated by a 15-minute neutralisation. Comprising a mixture of dunes and faster tracks, the stage still required careful navigation in order to post a good time. 


Rally World Champion third overall

Pablo Quintanilla also enjoyed a mistake-free timed special to come home in second. Reaching the leading riders after the halfway mark, the reigning Cross-Country Rallies World Champion sits third overall. 


Pablo Quintanilla Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Enduro21 560


“We had a very early start this morning and in the first dunes it was difficult to see if another rider was in front.” Said Quintanilla.  

“Around the 120km mark I caught the leading group of riders and continued to open the tracks for the remainder of the special stage. I made no mistakes and felt fast from start to finish. My navigation was also on point and this is crucial in such conditions.”


Price recovers from day one errors

Toby Price kept his head down after the early start and concentrated, keen to not repeat the navigation errors he made on Monday’s stage one. At the finish, Price posted the third fastest time, just over three-minutes down on the leader.


Toby Price Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 2018 Merzouga Rally Enduro21 560

Photo Credit: Marcin Kin


“It was a good day today, especially after having such a tough day yesterday.” Said the former Dakar winner, Price. 

“I just nailed each section and tried not to make the same mistakes as yesterday. After making a mistake like yesterday, you lose confidence in your road book, so today was all about building that confidence up again and getting a solid result.”

Tomorrow, rally stage three, sees the start of the marathon stage – two days riding without overnight assistance – which will feature a 63-kilometre liaison and a 239.21-kilometre special stage against the clock. Riders will spend the night camped at the foot of the dunes and will receive no mechanical assistance.


2018 Merzouga Rally – Stage 2 Classification 

  1. Kevin Benavides (Honda) 02:41:54 
  2. Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) 02:44:10 
  3. Toby Price (KTM) 02:45:35 
  4. Franco Caimi (Yamaha) 02:49:36 
  5. Ignacio Cornejo (Honda) 02:50:04 
  6. Joan Barreda (Honda) 02:50:11

2018 Red Fox National Enduro 

Steward Baylor takes a solid win in extremely challenging conditions at the Red Fox National Enduro near Lynnville, Indiana  round three of the 2018 AMA National Enduro series. 

Baylor managed to stay out of trouble to claim the overall victory by a 28-second margin over FMF KTM Factory rider Josh Toth, Thad Duvall fought through to third after starting way down the order. 




Justin Barcia is no stranger to the whirlwind of change and obstacles being a professional motocross athlete can bring. After experiencing both highs and lows as a factory rider, Bam Bam taps into his amateur roots for a rejuvenation in both his racing and lifestyle.


Cairoli - The Fighter


Bruised and battered from last weekend’s Grand Prix of Portugal, nine-time world motocross champion Antonio Cairoli will be seething. He knows that this 2018 GP season might be his toughest to date. He knows that speed wise the young lion Jeffrey Herlings might have his number, but if there is one thing about Antonio Cairoli, it is that he is a fighter, and the word, give up, or quit, isn’t in his vocabulary.

Time and time again 222 has turned up, and given his all, fought against the odds of injury in 2015 and 2016, and returned in 2017 as a different rider. Better than that young kid who won his first world motocross championship in 2005, back when he was just 19 years old, better than the rider who dominated the world in 2012, winning his sixth world championship and dominated the Americans and Herlings at Lommel with 1-1 results, and in my opinion the 2018 version of AC is better than the 2017 version.

If you ask Antonio Cairoli, he can still get better, can still find some extra speed and can 100% be a 10 times world motocross champion, and I for one, don’t doubt his desire and destination in the motocross history books.


While we all marvel at the performances of Jeffrey Herlings in 2018, and for that matter also at the end of 2017, it might be reminded, that defending MXGP champion Antonio Cairoli is still, very much in the mix. The Sicilian legend is just 16 points behind Herlings in the championship points, and as we have all seen in the past, Cairoli knows how to win world championships, even when it seems his chances are slim.

He has handled the likes of Clement Desalle and Gautier Paulin in the past, two riders who have been at the very top of our sport for more than a decade. Paulin a multiple MXoN moto winner, and Desalle with a stack of GP victories to his name.

While it might seem that Herlings is presently the man to beat, you can be sure Cairoli is working harder than ever to find a way to match the Dutchman. If you look at how far Cairoli is beating everyone, apart from Herlings, then it is clear he has already picked up his pace from 2017, a season he himself admitted was Antonio Cairoli at his very best.

I have written the Italian off before, and for sure I won’t be doing that again, despite being a massive Jeffrey Herlings fan.


I still remember 2011, and the year it looked like finally, Desalle had found the momentum to uncrown Cairoli. The Belgian started the season with victory in Bulgaria, going 2-1 and Cairoli struggled. Round after round Desalle reeled off GP wins, in America going 1-1, and Portugal also 1-1, but Cairoli wasn’t going away, and after that round in Portugal, Cairoli fought back, winning in Spain, and closing the points lead of Desalle to a single point.

Cairoli would score GP wins in Latvia (1-1), Belgium (1-1), before Desalle would win in Czech Republic (2-1), but with the weight of the world on his shoulder and the points race starting to favour the Italian, Desalle excited the race and season with an injury.

A round later in England, Cairoli would win again, with a 3-1 GP victory, and then a round later in Gaildorf, Germany, he was crowned world motocross champion for the fifth time in his career, and equal the tally of motocross legends, Roger De Coster, Georges Jobe, Joel Smets and Eric Geboers.

Great champions usually find that extra bit of speed, that extra bit of motivation, and that extra bit of dedication to once again rise from the ashes of defeat. Antonio Cairoli, a rider many feel is the greatest Grand Prix rider of all time, shouldn’t be written off, and you do so at your own peril.

2018 is going to be tough, tougher than ever, but if you had to bet your house on Antonio Cairoli coming through, then it isn't a bad bet to make.

Ray Archer images


Herlings Tops Trentino!!

Herlings Perfect in Italy

Posted on April 08, 2018


Red Bull KTM Factory rider Jeffrey Herlings has scored his 70th GP victory, by winning the Grand Prix of Trentino in the MXGP class with 1-1 results. The Dutchman used good starts and his blistering speed to dominate the weekend and continue KTMs domination of the MXGP and MX2 classes.

Herlings regained the red plate and now leads Cairoli by 10 points in the MXGP series points (191 to 181) as they head to Portugal for round five next weekend.

The orange army have now won every single GP in both classes, and only lost one race from the 16 run, with their little sister, Husqvarna getting a moto win today with Thomas Covington.

 "Second out of the start in the qualification race, holeshot from the first moto and second out of the start in the second moto. I am so glad we could put it together this weekend.  I am so grateful to the KTM team."

Second overall was Desalle, Clement with 2-3 results and third Antonio Cairoli with 4-2 scores.      

Herling is just getting better and better as he took victory in the opening MXGP race at the Grand Prix of Trentino. The Dutchman took the lead on the first corner and commanded the race from the front. Giving the opposition no chance to challenge his lead he eventually won by around 10 seconds.

"That was awesome and the right moment," Herlings said. "This track is difficult to pass. Hopefully another good start in the second moto. I am looking forward to the second moto and hopefully another start like that."

Antonio Cairoli did well to come through after a horrible first couple of laps where he went from fourth to eight, but fought back to fourth in the end.

Herlings took the holeshot from Febvre, Desalle, Cairoli, Gajser, Paturel, Coldenhoff, Liebr, Seewer and Nagl 10th. Gajser passed Cairoli and Paturel also went past the Italian. Cairoli in all sorts of trouble as Seewer and Coldenhoff also went past.

As Herlings looks in control up front, Cairoli struggled to pass Coldenhoff. Desalle moved past Febvre, and Paulin into 10th.

Desalle not letting Herlings get away as the gap remained at around two seconds after four laps, and Cairoli working over-time to get past Seewer, which he did on lap four.

Cairoli moved past Paturel, and went after Gajser who was four seconds ahead. After seven laps it was Herlings, Desalle, Febvre, Gajser, Cairoli, Paturel, Seewer, Paulin, Coldenhoff, and Lieber in 10th.

Paulin on a charge as he went past both Seewer and Paturel, and moved into sixth place. Seewer dropped back to ninth as Coldenhoff also passed him.

Desalle riding well, and after eight laps the lead of Herlings was just 1.4 seconds. Febvre in third was six seconds back from the leader. Herlings though turned it up a notch, just as he does mid-race and gapped Desalle by 2.6 on lap nine.

Paturel obviously feeling his lack of bike time dropped to 14th place as a handful of riders went past and Cairoli was getting closer to Gajser.

Lap 11 and Herlings moved to nearly four seconds ahead of Desalle, who was riding a lonely second place, then came Febvre, Gajser, Cairoli, Paulin, Coldenhoff, Seewer, Lieber and Simpson. Cairoli soon after moved past Gajser for fourth place.

13 laps and Herlings was putting on the speed as the lead went to six and a half seconds. 

Herlings wins it from Desalle, Febvre and Cairoli.

Cairoli took the holeshot in the second moto, and was followed by Herlings and Coldenhoff, then came Paturel, Desalle, Van Horebeek, Desprey, Paulin, Febvre and Lupino.

Cairoli was on it and trying to make a break, but Herling was coming. Herlings hounded Cairoli and then made a nice block pass on the Italian. Cairoli tried to slow and block Herlings, but the 2018 version of Herlings isn’t tricked by those tactics anymore.

After three laps it was Herlings, Cairoli, Coldenhoff, Desalle, Paturel, Van Horebeek, Paulin, Desprey, Febvre, and Seewer.

Just as it looked like Herlings would get away, Cairoli came back and was on the Dutchmans back wheel. While Herlings and Cairoli were playing up front, Coldenhoff and Desalle were also in a nice little battle. Desalle moving into third place on lap five.

Top ten after five laps was Herlings, Cairoli, Desalle, Coldenhoff, Van Horebeek, Paulin, Febvre, Desprey, Seewer and Paturel.

Gotta hand it to Cairoli, he is still finding more speed at the twilight of his career, but its still Herlings in command. Third placed Desalle 10 seconds back and Gajser moved into 10th place on lap eight.

After 11 laps it was Herlings by three seconds from Cairoli, then Desalle, Coldenhoff, Van Horebeek, Paulin, Febvre, Seewer, Gajser and Desprey.

Herlings wins it from Cairoli and Desalle.

Ray Archer image

MXGP - Overall Classification

1             84           Herlings, Jeffrey NED       KNMV    KTM       25           25           50

2             25           Desalle, Clement              BEL        FMB       KAW      22           20 42

3             222        Cairoli, Antonio  ITA         FMI        KTM       18           22           40

4             461        Febvre, Romain FRA        FFM       YAM       20           14           34

5             259        Coldenhoff, Glenn            NED       KNMV    KTM       14           18   32

6             21           Paulin, Gautier   FRA        MCM     HUS       15           16           31

7             243        Gajser, Tim         SLO        AMZS     HON      16           13           29

8             89           Van Horebeek, Jeremy   BEL        FMB       YAM       11           15  26

9             91           Seewer, Jeremy SUI         FMS       YAM       13           11           24

10           141        Desprey, Maxime             FRA        FFM       KAW      9      





Growing up, motocross has always been a passion of mine. We’re talking pajamas, movies, autographed posters from the pro’s, video games, a moto themed bedroom and on any given afternoon after school–you would find my little brother and I in the backyard replicating the past weekends Supercross tracks for our toy bikes. I mean really, the list could go on and on. That being said, the one toy that my brother and I would always fight over was the 2001 “Hot Wheels” Moto-X Mike Brown Pro Circuit KX125 action figure. We both were die hard Mike Brown fans and every weekend, we’d cheer him on. Fast forwarded to today, I still get a little giddy when I spot my childhood hero out riding, so, when I had the opportunity to catch up with Mike Brown at the “World Two-Stroke Championships” over the weekend at Glen Helen of course I took it. 

By Spencer Owens

FIRST OF ALL MIKE, WHAT’VE YOU BEEN UP TO? Just a little bit of everything really. Leading up to this I’ve been doing a lot of riding schools back home. I’m still traveling doing a lot races in Europe and South America. I’m still involved with Husky as their brand ambassador so I’m doing a lot of events for them, and just this week I’ve been out here doing some photo shoots with FXR before the Two-Stroke race. I’ve been traveling a lot.

YOU MENTIONED THAT YOU’RE STILL WORKING WITH HUSQVARNA AS THEIR BRAND AMBASSADOR. WHAT OTHER EVENTS WILL WE BE SEEING YOU AT THIS YEAR? Well, racing wise–just two weeks ago I was up in Canada for the Calgary Arenacross with the FXR guys. Presently we are here at Glen Helen for the Two-Stroke World Championships, next weekend I will be down in Argentina for some Enduro-cross before coming home for a few weeks. After that, I’m headed to Gorman, California, for some brand ambassador duties at the “Babes and Dirt” event, and I will be in Hawaii putting on a couple of motocross schools. After that I’ll be getting ready for Lorretta’s and the Vet MX Des Nations in England later this year. I’m really having fun with it, and I enjoy it more now because there’s not as much pressure.


I THINK HAVING FUN IS DEFINITELY A KEY IN THIS SPORT, AND YOU SEEM TO BE DOING IT RIGHT. TALK TO ME ABOUT HOW THINGS WERE IN CANADA. It’s going great. It’s really laid back compared to the motocross Nationals, and being with the FXR guys while I’m there is a big plus. I get no pressure from those guys–they provide me with top quality gear to race in, I have a great bike from the guys at Husqvarna, the tracks are fun, and you can really get a lot of exposure from racing there. For a guy my age it’s sometimes hard to get the right exposure and keeping my name out there, but I think things are really going well and I enjoy racing up there.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR RACING THIS YEAR? To just have fun, really. For me, every time I go on the track I’m there to win, but I have to look at my age and what I’m putting into it. Just to go and race with the top guys is fun. I’m not expected to go out and win, I’m only expected to go out there get good starts, give it my best, and keep the FXR and Husky products out front.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR MX SCHOOLS. This year I have really been pushing my MX schools thanks to my friends at Bonanza Plumbing, who are also helping me out. I enjoy coaching and sharing my knowledge with others. Like I said, in just a few weeks I’ll be heading to Hawaii to do one, so that will be cool. Soon I’ll be putting together an “MX Vacation” program back east in partnership with Husqvarna Motorcycles. Nobody really has anything like that back east, and I’m really looking forward to putting it all together.

LET’S SWITCH THINGS UP A BIT. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT WORKING WITH HUSQVARNA? The one thing that has stood out to me is the variety of new bikes that they have in their lineups every year. They have everything from a 2018 two-stroke to a 501 four-stroke. They’re great bikes. I mean, some of these guys out here at Glen Helen today are riding old Honda CR’s, and it feels good to roll up on a 2018 two-stroke that’s been updated over the recent years. Husqvarna is on top right now–so, you know it’s not a bad brand to ride for.

YOU MENTIONED FXR GEAR EARLIER. TELL ME A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THE GEAR. FXR is really coming out with some big changes. It’s very comfortable gear, which is nice. They’re always making changes and they’re never stale with it. They’re constantly improving the quality and product every year and I think that’s the main thing that people look at. Overall, it’s top-quality gear and some of the best I’ve ridden in.

THIS IS THE FAN IN ME, BUT WHAT WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE RACE OF YOUR CAREER? Oh, that’s hard. I remember a few two-stroke races back in the day with Ryno (Ryan Hughes) and (Grant) Langston that were great. Obviously racing with Bubba (James Stewart) was always fun too, but honestly as long is it was a good race and we were banging bars, it was a memorable for me.


International motorcross event to be held in Jefferson, TX

International motorcross event to be held in Jefferson

JEFFERSON, Texas - Diamond Don’s 16th Annual AHRMA Vintage International Motocross will be held April 13-15, 2018 at Diamond Don RV Park & Event Center located one mile from Jefferson, Texas. Over 800 entries are expected for this event.

The weekend will be full of international motocross legends, including several inductees to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Here is your chance to visit with and race against some of your idols: Steve Wise, Brad Lackey, Trey Jorski and Guy Cooper. Trampas Parker, international motocross legend from the Shreveport area will give everyone a run for their money.

Racers are coming from all over the world, including Europe and Australia.

H&H Music Racing Team will headline this year’s event as Diamond Don’s Legend for the weekend. Started in 1970 by Clint Hackney Jr, the H&H Music Racing team was an offshoot of the Houston, Texas-based H&H Music Company and within the first year of racing, the team was dominating races all around the city. It started with Kevin Brown and the Hanna family – Fred, Bobby, Cecile, and Dottie. Then came Robert Tuggle, Don Rainey, Jake DeBoe, and Bo Kock.

By 1973, Don Rainey was already competing in AMA events and team members including Steve Hackney, Robert Tuggle, and Fred Hanna began racing in the national AMA Motocross events. Since many of the racing team members were still in high school, they could only travel to races close to home. But life gets in the way and in 1974, the team disbanded as some of the team members wanted to pursue their college degrees.

However, the team was not gone forever. Resurrected in 2015 by four-time Grammy Winner, Lyle Lovett, the new H&H Music Racing Team is Lyle Lovett, Steve Hackney, Kevin Brown and Diamond Don Rainey, along with new members Bruce Blau and Gary Davis.

You will definitely want to see the 100cc Battle on the Bayou, sponsored by BA Motorsports & Northwest Maico, on Saturday and Sunday. The fastest racers in the world will be on the gate to race their 100cc vintage bikes. Guy Cooper, Trampas Parker, Trey Jorski, and many of the international racers will line up on the same gate. What a race!!

Friday features cross country and trials (with the Diamond-Huffman Modern Trials Support Class, sponsored by Jay Huffman, Huffman Restorations). Saturday features vintage racing and two motos of the 100cc Battle on the Bayou. The action–packed weekend wraps up with post-vintage on Sunday and two more 100cc Battle on the Bayou motos.

The wide, flat grassy pit area offers great viewing of the racetrack that runs through the pasture and into the piney woods. Diamond Don has created a natural terrain grass track reminiscent of the early 70’s. Vendors and concessions available at the track.

Jefferson is nestled deep in the Piney Woods of East Texas and seems frozen in time. It is a charming town and an elegant reminder of a bygone era. There are over a hundred buildings in the city with historical markers.

Many historic homes offer bed and breakfast accommodations. Dozens of other historic buildings house museums, craft and antique shops and restaurants.

For a full schedule and event information, visit



Portrait of a world champion: Cody Webb

From humble beginnings to 2018 FIM World SuperEnduro Champion, Cody Webb embraces his trials background and the slower pace of Northern California. Discover the roots of Cody’s true grit nature and meticulous approach to life and riding.
Each of us has our own way of looking at life. The way in which we approach all facets of our day is unique to the eye of the beholder. What one rider perceives as trivial, another may view as crucial. These are the perceptions that define us as individuals and competitors. SCOTT's Vision series is a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse into a few of our riders lives and how they view it, with and without SCOTT optics. Join us as we discover these exclusive viewpoints.




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